Ryan Gosling Hey Twitter, I won't quit you

There’s a rumour that Twitter is losing it’s sparkle as a way to boost business for the solo-worker.

Younger, shinier social media kids are grabbing the spotlight. Everyone’s flocking to Google+, Pinterest, or back to Facebook.

Apparently. (At least, that’s what some of my contemporaries are #justsayin…)

I say: Balls to that!

Tell that to my client, Rebecca Perkins, who has just scored an international publishing deal for her first book through connections she made on Twitter. It’s called Best Knickers Always.

Or, her amazingly talented 14 year old boy chef son, Dan Arscott, making waves with Michelin starred chefs in the restaurant industry after his mouth-watering pictweet was shared by a bigwig food critic.

Or Meredith Blair, owner of ShopBizi, who landed a new online retailer for her fabulous line of exclusive leather handbags. It all started with a retweet.

And, just to make it really clear that Twitter is holding its ground as a social media contender, I’m calling in the statisticians…

  • It was the fastest growing social network last year, adding 40% more active users in the last 6 months of 2012. (US topped the growth of active usage by a staggering 94%)
  • Twitter has over 288 million active users with a presence in almost every major country
  • 340 million tweets are sent per day with people spending an average of 36 minutes there each day
(Source: GlobalWebIndex)

Impressive right? So, let’s break this down. Here are 7 reasons why Twitter is as strong as ever…

1. It Gives You Supersonic Hearing

Twitter is a democracy. Every tweet that is posted given equal importance. Each one adding another layer to the events that take place on any given day.

It’s why Twitter is where the news breaks before anywhere else. (And why it’s teeming with journos and media looking for their next big story. That story could be YOU!)

It’s why people turn to Twitter to discover solutions and outcomes for whatever they need, and get almost immediate answers.

They just need to tweet a question, and the friendly Twitter folk do the rest.

And, that’s important for business because we can listen to those conversations, we can ask our own questions to understand our customers better. Plus we can be there to provide the solutions people are looking for.

2. It Sets Your Inner Social Butterfly Free

Twitter is the most sociable social network out there. It was the first to do away with the ‘invitation to connect’.

Do you need an invitation to walk up to someone at an event and say ‘hello’?

Of course not. The same applies on Twitter.

It’s one big free-for-all, and this creates a jolly, buzzing atmosphere where genuine business relationships flourish.

Perfect for connecting with likeminds and broadening your own network and community. Fast. Even people you would normally think are waaaaay out of your league.

3. It Makes You The Hero…

Twitter has the most sophisticated search engine of all the social networks.

You may wonder why this is so important. Trust me as a business user this. Is. HUGE.

Because Twitter happens in real time its powerful search engine enables you to laser in on tweets about specific topics as they take place, giving you a direct line to people who want your product or service.

Take these real-life examples…

Cupcake box request on Twitter

or how about this one?

Accountant on Twitter

and here’s another…

Florist on Twitter

Smart Twitter users set up searches that notify them of results for questions that they’re customers might be asking.

This gives them the power to filter out the useful stuff, swish their superhero cape and swoop to the rescue.

Cool or what?

No other social network can do this. It’s flipping Google search on its head giving power to you, dear business owner.

4. Twitter + Journalists = True Love x Your FAME

Every journalist from gossip hunters to political debaters use Twitter to sniff out material for their next article, radio or TV show.

The media relies on a regular flow of insider info, quotes and experts to provide depth to their stories, and they need them in a flash.

That’s why Twitter and the media are a match made in online heaven.

Twitter search, real time flow and accessibility means this is where real news breaks first, so the media HAVE to be there to get the lowdown.

And, if you’re there too – you can create opportunities to be the media’s next big story.

This isn’t hot air – I’ve seen it happen countless times, and people inside my Twitter Brilliance course have been featured on the radio and national magazines just by being friendly and available to the media using Twitter.

No big mystery – it’s that simple.

5. …Let’s Not Forget The Professional Bloggers With Big Loving Communities

These days professional bloggers are an extension of the media – and with their loyal followings and large communities, one word from them is sometimes all you need to hit a huge traffic spike on your website, or for a product to sell out.

Twitter is where these heavy hitters are hanging out. They understand the power of words and how quickly tweets can go viral when you’ve built up a community that loves you.

One tweet from them and it’s retweeted a gazillion times. Instant fame!

Time to make friends with some pro-bloggers – no VIP ticket needed.

6. Make An Impact In Just 10 Minutes A Day

Twitter has a bad reputation for being a time suck. No doubt. It’s an easy place to procrastinate, waste time and be distracted by the many weird and wonderful things that are going on there. It’s a social network, afterall.

But when you have a plan and activate your willpower you can maintain and grow a presence there in just a few minutes a day.

Frankly, if you’re spending hours there every week and not seeing results for your efforts then something’s not working. Get help!

7. It Bestows Your Website With Web Traffic Wizardry

One of the quirks of Twitter is that each tweet is limited to 140 characters. Hmmmm….not much room to get your point across.

But that works in our favour, look…

  1. When we’re reading tweets we can scan a large amount of them quickly until we find one of interest. Each tweet is basically a headline, so we can target, read what we need and quickly move on.
  2. When we’re sending tweets we can include additional info, such as live links, images and video to enhance and give context to our 140 character messages.

This second point means that Twitter users are totally cool with being sent to sites outside of the Twitter website to open links elsewhere.

This isn’t the same for all networks. Take Facebook. Users prefer to stay on the Facebook website itself.

Twitter is the perfect environment for guiding people to other areas of the internet – like your website, blog, event pages, sales and opt in pages.

And, that means better website traffic for you and interested eyes on your stuff. AbraKAZAM!

With these unique features Twitter is a treasure trove of opportunities no matter what type of small business you run – creative, professional, service based or selling a product – and I’ve highlighted just 7 cool reasons why.

But, I get it – knowing how to leverage Twitter to generate success for your business is not always a piece of cake. You might even think ‘how can it even be possible?’

Sometimes it’s a frustrating, confidence-zapping, pain in the arse.

That’s why I created my latest free online workshop: 3 Steps to Twitter Brilliance

Imagine 90 minutes of new insights, inspiration, A-HA moments, prizes to be won and other surprises!