There’s a theme among Twitter usage recognised as the 4 stages of a Twitter.

But there is a fifth…

Here they are:

In Denial About Twitter


We’ve all been here.

Wondering why anyone would be interested in telling the world what they had for breakfast. Or why anyone would want to listen? (Hint: they don’t). You meet enough connections at networking events, why add another level of complexity to your day?


curious about Twitter


Usually lured in by your favourite Tweeting celeb, a breaking news story, or social media addict at your networking club, you take a peek…

And, just like the sailors who were called to the rocky coastline by the enchanting sirens in ancient Greek mythology, you slowly get drawn in to the Twitter time suck…


Aha! Getting Twitter


You get it! You begin to see the potential of Twitter.

It can be quite a leap, take a number of failed attempts (and a lot of time sucking if you learn the DIY way).

You see how others share information and connect with like minds through cocktail party type chats. And when it flows in your direction you know you must be doing something right…


Obsessed about Twitter


Do you Tweet when out at social functions?
Do you check your Twitter stream the moment you wake up?
Do you think in 140 characters?

You’ve reached the obsessive stage.

Don’t worry, it passes but it’s a crucial part of the Twitter journey.

This is when you really start to flourish. Freely moving around Twitter, making valuable connections and doing business. Your traffic to your website begins to rise with Twitter being one of the top sources.


Twitter is like breathing

Like Breathing

Soon enough, Tweeting becomes just another part of your day.

You build it in to your schedule and rely on it for business development. Nurturing the relationships you make on Twitter, taking them off line, where they develop into long term business connections.

You no longer look at the blank space where you’re profound tweet should go and worry ‘what shall I write?’ – it comes naturally, just as any other conversation does.


Are You Using Twitter To Its Full Potential?

But even when Twitter is like beathing using it to its full potential can remain a mystery to many.

And reaching that point can take a loooong time.

Your messages could be stronger, the time spent there could be less and navigating to find the right people and opportunities could be A LOT easier.

That’s why I recommend having a system and structure to your Twitter use, because time (and how you spend it) is precious to the solopreneur and small business owner.

Image credit: Marla at ScarletBits