Can you relate to this..?

You work hard, putting heaps of effort and energy into building your business because you LOVE what you do, but you just can’t get the traction you need or meet enough of the right people that you want to serve.

And, you don’t know which direction to turn next because technology is a mystery – you think you might even break the internet!

This is how Rebecca Perkins felt before she joined Twitter Brilliance.

Rebecca is a blogger and coach, passionate about helping women through major life changes – particularly the challenges of midlife.

In just a few months after joining Twitter Brilliance, Rebecca went from struggling to draw attention to her Best Knickers Always blog, to finding the confidence to self publish her first book online.

And, now she is a published author, having been offered a publishing deal by Orion earlier this year to expand on her Best Knickers Always book – just a year on from taking Twitter Brilliance.

I was thrilled to chat with Rebecca about her incredible journey and how Twitter Brilliance was the starting point to her finding the confidence and right connections that would help her accomplish her dream.

All in an amazingly short space of time.

(Using Twitter went on to change her life and the lives of her family in ways that they could only dream of! All is revealed in the video below…)

Read on for her inspirational story. If you’ve ever felt the way Rebecca did, I think it will strike a chord with you.

Starting from a place of stuck-ness

Having struggled with a really tough period in her life, Rebecca turned to writing and then blogging as a way to heal herself and help others.

Yet – as what happens with most bloggers who aren’t blessed with instant blog fame – her Best Knickers Always blog wasn’t getting a huge amount of attention.

Rebecca knew she had to get out there but felt stuck – she didn’t know how.

Until, her teenage son encouraged her to try Twitter.

Like many solo business owners, Rebecca had dismissed it as a viable way to raise awareness for her blog and services. She was nervous around tech, and couldn’t see the value in it – rejecting it as a place for self obsessed celebs.

Yet, despite not being totally convinced, Rebecca took a tentative step by creating her Twitter profile. Then went no further… stuck once more.

The things that got her way

She was scared – afraid of the technology, and despite her blogging prowess, Rebecca felt a little shy.

She didn’t know what to do with Twitter. Confused about how to use it or how to behave. Unsure of the etiquette, how to get noticed and how to communicate there.

Rebecca was worried that she would make embarrassing mistakes, or that she’d have to be on Twitter ALL day long leaving no time for anything else in her life and business.

What changed?

I got to know Rebecca when she joined Twitter Brilliance. And, I asked her how going through the training changed things for her…

With the training being delivered over 4 weeks in small chunks it wasn’t overwhelming. It felt achievable. Simple. No huge leaps, no geeky tech speak – and Rebecca could immediately see results – right from week 1.

This increased her confidence. Rebecca no longer let the tech get in the way of what she wanted to accomplish. And she felt empowered to strive forward, certain that she was taking the right actions that would benefit her business.

She was no longer nervous about taking part in the Twitter community to help her move forward in business and life.

And, Rebecca always knew that when she needed additional support and advice she could turn to the other Twitter Brilliance members – other small business owners sharing similar experiences in the members forum.

Tune in below to hear Rebecca’s full story and how Twitter was fundamental to her incredible success.

(excuse my shoddy video editing – I figured that if I let my lack of editing skillz get in the way of posting this interview I’d be a hypocrite!)

What about you?

Do you dream of success but let fear of technology and putting yourself out there get in your way? When used strategically Twitter can help you achieve things you previously only imagined were possible.