Bookmarking tweets is a one-click action that will save a tweet on a separate page in your profile so you don’t lose it. It’s called ‘Favourites’.

It’s perfect for storing social proof – recommendations and nice things people say about you, your product or service so you can use it in your marketing.

They’ve got added oomph because you can’t fake a tweet written by someone else. (I know you wouldn’t fake testimonials anyway but this adds that extra re-assurance for the reader).

Where to display your favorites

  • If your website is built using WordPress, you can display them using a plug in called Tweet-stimonials
  • If you haven’t got WordPress, you can ask your developer to add them to your website for you
  • Or, just direct people to your Favourites page. To get an idea of what I mean, here’s mine: Alicia’s Favourites
  • Add the link to your LinkedIn profile alongside your website (you can display up to 3 links on LinkedIn so make sure you use them ALL!)
  • Finally, you can embed an individual tweet (more on how below) on any web page, like the one below. It has the same features as your regular tweet

Roll your mouse over the image to see what I mean…

How cool is that?? 🙂

How to favorite a tweet

  • It’s just one click – hover your mouse along the bottom of the tweet you want to save
  • The favourite option with a little star icon will appear as if by magic!
  • Click on favourite – job done

how to favourite a tweet

How to embed a tweet on your web page

  • First, you want to ‘expand’ the tweet (when it’s expanded it will give you the option to ‘collapse’ as show in the image) and look for the ‘Details’ link at the bottom

Embed tweet image 1

  • The tweet will open in another page and at the bottom you’ll see ‘Embed this tweet’

embed a tweet image 2

  • Click that, then copy the HTML code and paste it where you want

embed tweet image 3

Show me yours!

Now you’ve see mine, why not favourite some tweets and share the link on my Facebook Page – I’d love to see them! Facebook