Does this sound familiar?


Ash Rishi of Cetas Kinetic had been using Twitter for 1.5 years attempting to raise the profile of his professional business skills services. His clients include small-medium size businesses, and the pharma and public service sectors.

He had no success.

No leads, no business, hardly any followers or connections.

It sucks, right?

But Ash turned it around…


Rather than give up or keep bashing away hoping for something to stick, he signed up to my Twitter Brilliance programme. Within weeks Ash achieved very powerful results that continue to gain momentum.

He was making common mistakes


All it took was a combination of subtle changes, a different mindset and some planning to change everything.

Watch the video below to learn the amazing results achieved and;

  • the small changes he made to his profile that made all the difference
  • why being human has been fundamental to his success
  • the unique way he has connected his Twitter profile with his business partner’s that bring cohesion and build interest for the brand
  • his top tips for making Twitter work that anyone can implement
  • how changing his mindset turned everything around

Now it’s your turn…

Tell me what you learnt from our video chat, and just ONE thing you’re going to change TODAY on Twitter as a result of watching this video.

Let me know in the comments below!