keeping a smile file for testimonialsDo you capture all the nice things people say about you or feedback you receive from clients, customers, business partners, newsletter subscribers and prospects?

It’s something my friend Brigitte Lyons calls ‘a smile file’.

I’m not sure if she coined the term herself but I think it’s a great name and as I heard her use it first I’m crediting her with it. 🙂

A smile file is a resource where you keep all the feedback and unsolicited testimonials you receive. It can be stored in whatever form works best for you, the key is that it’s easy to access and maintain.

I label mine and stash them away in email folders. Each Facebook thread is a live link so you can store these away too (just click on the comment’s time stamp and save the url), plus I use Twitter Favourites to save nice tweets.

I then have them added to a simple spreadsheet.

By capturing and reviewing your smile file, it will help you determine what is or isn’t working in your business, how well marketing campaigns have worked (if an increase in comments coincides with a promotion, for instance) and what your clients really want from you.

I’m sure you know that the best way to find out what your clients want is to listen to them. A well maintained smile file will help you do that.

Bonus features include a store for testimonials to use as social proof and a warm, fuzzy place to visit to remind you how far you’ve come.

Make It Happen!

  • Where’s the best place to set up your own smile file? An email folder; paper file; file on your desktop, Evernote or other app? Choose your container
  • Set up your smile file – remember to make it really easy to access
  • Start collecting those smiles!
  • Schedule a ‘smile file review’ in your diary in a month – 3 months time