Bright Sparks List - Start With Why, Kid President, Anne Samoilov

Each month I take you behind the scenes to share my bright sparks. What’s getting me going, giving me goosebumps and keeping me sane in my business.

Planning tools, books, brilliant blog articles, videos, apps – the top stuff that makes a difference to me and I just CAN’T keep to myself!

Read on for my latest selection >>>

1. The Ultimate Guide To Hiring The Best Virtual Team

Anne Samoilov Fearless LaunchFor a looong time I had a big dream to launch my own online training programme but despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get the darn thing out of the gate.

That was before I met my fabulous launch coach, Anne Samoilov, last year.

Since then, not only did I launch my first online programme, Twitter Brilliance, and my second; Facebook Likes to Quality Leads, but I’ve successfully navigated a total of 5 product launches within a year. Woo!

I could not have done this without a team – my project manager, tech wizard, and pom pom waving support group inside Fearless Launching (affiliate link).

Lucky for us! Anne has pulled together one helluva resource; The Ultimate Guide To Hiring The Best Virtual Team, to help guide us through the choppy waters of finding your ideal team members.

It’s MEGA, it’s free, and is the ideal tool to refer to throughout the various stages of finding your ‘can’t live without you’ co-pilots.

Check it out here >>> The Ultimate Guide To Hiring The Best Virtual Team

2. Start With Why ~ Simon Sinek

Start With Why by Simon SinekThis book has been on my reading list for too long, and the moment I finished it I wanted to read it over again.

In it, Simon Sinek asks

‘why do some leaders and innovators have more success than others (who are just as experienced and capable), and are able to repeat that success again and again?’

The answer is that they all think the same way:

It doesn’t matter what you do, it matters WHY you do it.

Watch his TED talk video, pick up the book, then put your WHY into action!

3. A Pep Talk from Kid President

I’ve had a packed month with the launch of Facebook Likes to Quality Leads, taking part in an online summit, and launching the Twitter Brilliance self paced programme. Phew!

All this activity has meant the need for PLENTY of pep talks to keep me juiced up and full of positive energy.

Thanks YouTube and Soul Pancake for Kid President who has been pep talking me ALL month (along with 11 million others). Gems inside include;

Boring is easy! Everyone can be boring but you’re gooder than that…

And this;

I wanna be on the road that leads to Awesome!

Watch it right here>>>


What about you?

What are you digging in your work right now? Please share your fave resource in the comments below…I’d love to check it out!