Do you watch lots of videos online? Wait, let me re-phrase that..

Would you like to watch more videos online but you simply don’t have the time?

Then you’ll love the tool I’ve got for you this week. It’s a game changer.

MySpeed to the Rescue

This week I’m introducing you to MySpeed. This product allows you to change the playback speed of video without the loss of sound quality.


You can speed it up (don’t worry-no chipmunk voice here!) or slow it down using the slider. This means that you can race through to find the bits that are most relevant to you – or just listen through at double the speed and learn in half the time.

I tend to use MySpeed for things like webinar replays, lectures and presentations, YouTube videos, video blogs (vlogs) and online training programmes like Twitter Brilliance.

I use it ALL the time – even when I’m reviewing my own videos! Perhaps my favourite part of MySpeed is that it shows you how much time you’ve saved…

Here’s the link. You can try it for free. Just follow the simple download instructions from the website. Oh, and by the way this isn’t an affiliate link – I’m just telling you because I love ya – enjoy!

Over to You

What is your absolute favorite online tool for saving time? Share in the comments below. MySpeed is definitely high up on the list for me!