Dream Corner on London's OnFM 101.4

Last month I was a guest at Dream Corner, a weekly radio show inspiring women of all ages to follow their dream and passion. The show, hosted by Viv Oyolu, airs on London’s independent radio station OnFM 101.4.

Viv and I had a lot of fun talking about social media and how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging can help small and local businesses promote their goods and services to a wider audience, creating a stronger community network.

I was pretty nervous about being on the radio let alone being interview for an hour! Viv made me feel really comfortable. That combined with being asked about a subject I’m passionate about meant the time flew by – it felt like we were on air for only a few minutes!

You can visit Dream Corner and listen to my interview with Viv here: Alicia’s Dream Corner interview

Oh, and look out for the short video of me and Viv taken literally minutes before we went live!