happiness in childlessness

Now for something completely different and very personal…

Ask any of your peers how they started their entrepreneurial journey, and you’ll hear many different stories.

For some it’s all they’ve ever known, while others found themselves at a turning point in their lives which ‘forced’ their hand.

For me it was the latter. It’s this very personal story that I want to share with you today. It’s open and honest, but one that I hope will bring optimism to some of you because there IS a happy ending! (Although, not the kind you might expect).

There are plenty of us

Dig around online enough and you’ll find stories about the struggles some of us experience starting a family. Often they end with the fairytale ending of ‘now we have a healthy pregnancy / bouncing baby’.

But what about the rest of us? That group of childless women who never get that particular brand of fairytale? Where are the happy ending stories about us?

Is it really possible to find happiness after such heartbreak and loss?

The answer is YES.

Having gone through the heartbreak of repeated miscarriage and facing the real possibility of not having the family I longed for, I went in search of my Plan B.

Recently, I was interviewed by the lovely Jody Day of Gateway Women about how not being able to have children had an impact on my life and sparked my entrepreneurial journey.

I’m very open about my experiences and how I’ve gone from feeling that I have no purpose in life to finally rocking my life unexpected. A life of freedom that I love which has led me to inspire and help others to create theirs – whatever it may look like for them.

As well as talking about the past we also chatted about how I stick to working a 30 hour week (because who doesn’t want that?!), structures and processes in business to protect my time and energy, and how I work with my 1:1 clients.

Hearing others’ stories helps

If you know anyone who would benefit from hearing my story, please share it with them. Also point them in the direction of Jody and the amazing Gateway Women community (it’s awesome).

You can watch the full interview here: